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Club Policies

Practice and Game Attendance Policy

Kendall SC and Kendall United players are required to attend all their respective training sessions and games unless they have an appropriate excuse. Once high school season starts, members who are on high school teams should give priority to high school practices and games with the exception of the three days prior to the start of a club tournament. Players should not train with their high school and club team on the same day.

Excused practice and game absences for missed sessions/games require notification to the coach and will include:

  • Family emergencies, player medical illnesses or injury, or accidents
  • School functions
  • High school soccer games and practices
  • College entrance examinations
  • Religious events
  • Out-of-town vacations

Excessive absenteeism from training and/or games may affect playing time and could eventually lead to the player being suspended or removed from the team.

Coaches Travel Policy

 A. All Kendall SC and Kendall United coaches will be responsible to pay their respective travel expenses for league games within the boundaries of the Upper Keys and Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

 B. All Kendall SC and Kendall United teams will be responsible for the coaches gasoline and toll costs, plus Half Travel Day per diem on travel to league or tournament games outside of the Upper Keys and Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, unless it requires an overnight stay in which case "C" below applies or the requirements for Full Travel Day per diem are met.

 C. All Kendall SC and Kendall United teams will be responsible for the coach's travel expenses for all travel to tournaments or league games that require an overnight stay. Travel expenses include direct airfare, lodging, gasoline and toll costs, and Travel Per Diems as indicated below.

 D. All Kendall SC and Kendall United  teams will be responsible to pay a Half Travel Day per diem for any tournament held within the Upper Keys and Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties that requires the coach to remain on site for more than 6 hours in one day.

 Per diem payments will be applied as follows:

  • $40 for a Full Travel Day [a) on site all day and night at event location; b) a travel day that involves leaving Miami and returning the same day after more than 8 hours from departure; c) a travel day that starts at the event location with return travel arriving in Miami after 5 PM that day; and c) a travel day departing prior to 1 pm from Miami to an event requiring an overnight stay that day]
  • $20 for a Half Travel Day [all other instances of travel to league games or tournaments that require a per diem payment and are not covered under the Full Travel Day description above]

Player Travel Policy

All Kendall SC and Kendall United members will be responsible for paying their respective travel expenses in a timely manner whether to the Team Manager or the Club. There is no official financial aid for travel expenses on competitive teams other than the USSDA program, although players can solicit sponsorships, donations or conduct other fundraising activities. Failure to pay travel expenses may lead to non-participation in an event.

  • It is assumed that all players rostered to play in a tournament are expected to pay for the Tournament entry fee, regardless of a player’s actual playing time in the competition.
  • All players shall adhere to Kendall SC Role of the Player rules when attending all tournaments with Kendall SC and Kendall United teams.
  • Kendall SC and Kendall United require all players to stay at the same hotel as their team for away tournaments. Please consult your coach if there is an issue.

All players shall adhere to the club’s instructions set forth for each tournament they may attend with their Kendall SC coach. Curfews and hotel policy will all apply to tournament and league travel. Players may be sent home or suspended from the team if travel rules are not adhered to.

Fundraising Policy

All Kendall SC and Kendall United teams are encouraged to raise funds for their particular team to cover the cost of travel, team parties, and whatever else their respective team may like to utilize the funds for in order to lower team expenses. Individual members can also conduct fundraising activities.

Sponsorship checks made out to the club will require a 10% club fee. The remaining 90% of the sponsorship amount will be deposited in the club account and credited towards the team or member account for future expenses. If an individual member applies the entire amount of the sponsorship check towards his or her club fees, the 10% fee will not be deducted. Checks to be issued by the club to pay for expenses should have proper receipt and documentation.

Kendall SC will require all team managers to submit a written request for all fundraising events on the club’s premises to the Vice President of Marketing and Fundraising. The fundraising committee will support/supervise any fundraising event on the club’s premises. All requests will be responded to within seven (7) business days.

The club is not liable for fundraising activities held outside of its premises (practice and playing fields and parks). Prior consent of the Vice President of Marketing and Fundraising is required if Kendall SC’s name is to be utilized on printed materials for fundraising purposes of any type. Any reproduction of the Kendall SC and Kendall United logos or designs without express written consent from Kendall SC is prohibited. Do not solicit personal business through the club/team email.

Rainout Policy

The website administrator will update the field status announcement on the Home page of by 5 PM every day and, if possible, issue a general email announcement to all club members if the training fields are closed due to weather conditions. Members may also be notified via email or telephone from the age group coach or team manager.

Kendall SC and Kendall United will provide a safe training environment based on current or forecasted weather conditions. Lightning and proximity of such will be a contributing factor to field closures, along with flooded or saturated ground conditions. If a session is postponed due to lightning, all players and parents must go to their cars immediately and wait for official notification before returning to the fields.

Each respective Kendall SC and Kendall United coach will make the appropriate decision regarding rainout on that given day of training as long as the practice facilities remain open. Each team should have a communication system to notify all team members (examples email, text messages, phone tree). If possible, a training session that is canceled because of rain may be rescheduled on a different day of the week.

League game rainouts are determined by the respective field or league that you will be playing at for that day.  Please consult your team manager for details per rainout. Field status for all home games will be updated by Kendall SC on the Club website.

Uniform Policy

 Official game and training uniforms must be worn at all times during games and practices. An individual or team may not modify the Kendall SC or Kendall United practice uniform, game uniforms, warm-up or bags without Kendall SC approval. Members of Kendall SC can purchase other official apparel items through the club's online store, which is administered by Squadra the Boys uniform provider. Member of Kendall United should contact their team manager regarding the acquisition of additional club apparel.

Examples include:

  • Extra uniform pieces
  • Backpacks
  • Warm-up sets

Uniforms Colors

Kendall SC teams wear white and blue jerseys, white and blue shorts, and white and blue socks for games. Kendall United wears red and white jerseys.

Please note that it is always important to take all uniforms to all games. Certain leagues may require home teams to change uniform color if both teams wish to wear the same colors.

Guest Player Policy

Kendall SC’s policy is to not allow guest playing of its members with other clubs unless it will help develop the player or provide a showcase opportunity that he/she otherwise would not have with the current team. The guest playing opportunity cannot conflict with an existing team commitment with Kendall SC.

Kendall SC or Kendall United players that wish to guest play with another club must first contact their respective Kendall SC coach or the Program Director for approval and then have the club Registrar sign a guest player authorization form. The club will make & keep a copy of the form.

When a Kendall SC or Kendall United team needs additional players for a tournament, the coach and Program Director will first try to identify available players from another age-eligible team within the Club that may be given the opportunity to guest play with the team. Only if internal candidates are not available, will the team seek external guest players. 
All guest players that are participating with a Kendall SC team must adhere to all Kendall SC rules and policies. All guest players must pay their respective share of costs and fees for tournaments and travel expenses.

Financial Aid Policy

 Kendall SC and Kendall United offer a limited number of scholarships to their members based solely on demonstrated financial need in order to assist them in the payment of the club’s annual fees. The club will also assist these members in providing them individual fundraising opportunities to help them fulfill their obligations and other expenses.

Financial aid applications for the 2016-2017 season are due by August 1, 2016. We cannot guarantee that applications submitted after this date will be considered for a financial aid award.

To be evaluated for financial aid, a prospective member must register with the club and provide the required deposit. If within 5 days of being notified of the financial aid award, the prospective member requests a club official to withdraw his/her membership, the player will be granted a release and the deposit will be refunded. In the case of prior recipients of financial aid only 50% of the applicable deposit will be required at the time of registration.

Click on this link to obtain the financial aid application form. After you complete the application mail it to Kendall SC, P.O. Box 832696, Miami, FL 33283 or return this application with documentation in a sealed envelope to your team manager or Marcos Fernandez (305-965-0083).

Parental Behavior

Kendall SC and Kendall United appreciate the support that all parents provide to their children during their participation with our organization. The role that parents play in the life of a soccer player has a tremendous impact on his/her soccer experience. We would like to make that influence a positive one. Our governing bodies and associations have made it clear that both our players and parents will be monitored for proper on-the-field and sideline behavior. Below are some simple rules that Kendall SC and Kendall United parents need to observe and consider carefully.

  1. For parents that have questions or concerns to share with a coach, discuss them with your respective coach first and then the Program Director and VP of the appropriate age group.

a.       On practice days: Parents will wait until the practice session is over before approaching the coach.

b.      On game days: After the game has ended, the parent should ask the team manager to help set up a meeting time and location with the coach. The meeting should take place no sooner than 24-48 hours after the game.

  • Parents should not shout insults or verbally abuse referees, coaches of either team, opposing team members or parents. Parents should be in control of their emotions at all times, always showing respect and setting a proper example for their own children. Parents that are angry or upset should leave the field until they can get control over their emotions.
  1. Parents will refrain from coaching or shouting instructions from the sidelines. This only causes confusion for the players on the team. So please leave the coaching to the coaches. You have entrusted the care and development of your children to the coaches, so they need to be free to do their job. In order to avoid confrontations with other team parents and maintain team cohesion, parents should also refrain from publicly criticizing the play of other team members.

Parents and players alike will be held responsible for their decisions and actions. If a rule is considered broken by the Directors of Kendall SC, the following sanctions will apply:

  • 1st Offense: Parent is suspended from being at the field during the next two games of the team and the training sessions until that suspension time is completed.
  • 2nd Offense (includes violation of the penalty for the 1st offense): Parent is suspended from attending all games and training sessions for the remainder of the soccer calendar year.
  • 3rd Offense (includes violation of the penalty for the 2nd offense): Both parent and player are expelled from the club.

Your child’s participation in soccer should not the larger than life to you. If the team’s or your child’s performance on the field produces strong emotions in you, suppress them. Remember, your relationship will continue with your children long after their competitive soccer days are over. Please keep your goals and needs separate from your child’s experience.

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Miami Rush Kendall SC

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Miami Rush Kendall SC

8724 Sunset Drive #316 
Miami, Florida 33173

Phone: 305-965-0083
Email: [email protected]
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